Imagine with Jungkook

You were busy studying for your exam next week.when you heard pebbles on your window. You walked towards it and leaned over, only to find yourself surprised because jungkook suddenly stole a kiss from you.”What are you doing here? Mom and Dad are still on a business trip” you said. “Aw :( but i missed you, can i stay?”. You can’t say no to that, because he’s just so adorable. You helped him climb over the window and into your bedroom.”Now promise me, you’ll let me study”You said.”I promise:)” while raising his right hand. 5 minutes later… “Jagiya~ I’m bored. Let’s do something” he said with a smirk and back hugging you while resting his head on your shoulder. “Don’t get you hopes up mister Jeon Jungkook, im studying”. He pouted and he looked so adorable. “OKAY we’ll do something.” you said. “yay! let’s go watch a movie” he exclaimed. you didn’t know that he played a horror movie instead of comedy. You got really scared and he noticed it so he tightly hugged you “Don’t worry____. I’m here, i’ll protect you. Don’t be scared okay?” then he kissed your forehead and you calmed down . after 1 hour the movie was finished and you fell alseep in his arms.

Imagine with V

You were sitting alone in the park when two hands covered your eyes. knowing that it was Taehyung, you shouted his name. V:how did you know? you:Don’t you think i wouldn’t recognize you? You always wear the cologne i gave you he smiled and sat beside you V:I love you you:I love you more V:I love you most he kissed your forehead and you closed your eyes. V:you know what’s fun to do?smirk you:What? confused face V:This! he started tickling you, which you hate because it was your weakness. he didn’t stop until you came to the ground full of stacked leaves, then you two ended up playfully tickling each other and ust having fun, until your hir was messy and your clothes got dirty.